Discipline: Water Plant Residual Solids Pumping

Havre de Grace, MD

Replacement of Progressive Cavity Pumps with Wastecorp Double Disk Pumps



City of Havre de Grace, MD

The Problem

Frequent clogging and stator/rotor damage of existing PC pumps.

Technology Solution

The City of Havre de Grace had used progressive cavity pumps to transfer water plant solids from their clarifiers and filter backwashes to their dewatering system.  The City pulls raw water from the Susquehanna River which can transport significant amounts of debris particularly during severe weather periods.   Previous damage to the river intake screens had resulted in debris entering the plant which inevitably found its way to the progressive cavity pumps.  Items such as small pieces of wood, walnut shells, etc. would clog and cause damage the rotor and stator of the pumps necessitating costly repairs.

KET provided new 4” double disc pumps from Wastecorp which are capable of passing a 2.5” solid, thus eliminating the problems they were facing.  Further, due to the longer stroke of the Wastecorp pump vs the competition, our Wastecorp 4” pump met the pumping requirements vs a 6” unit from the competition.  Wastecorp’s per-stroke volume is approximately 10X the volume of the competitor’s pump allowing the Wastecorp pump to operate at much slower speeds saving power and long-term wear and tear.