Discipline: Food Processor Wastewater Treatment System

Near Fayetteville North Carolina

KET supplied a BOD and Ammonia Reduction Process for a major food processor.




Major Poultry Processor

The Problem

Wastewater generated at the processing facility was high in BOD and Ammonia.  New, more stringent limits were enacted.

Technology Solution

This 3 MGD wastewater stream needed additional BOD and Ammonia reduction.  Modifications were made to the existing DAF systems as the facility.  The pre-treated wastewater was then pumped to two new Tarsco 304SS Bolted Tanks which were equipped with Entex’s MBBR process, SSI’s stainless-steel coarse bubble aeration grid and PD blower systems.  Bearing Construction installed the systems and Keystone Engineering Group, Inc. provided engineering and permitting for the project.