Discipline: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Scranton, PA

KET supplied a total of 35 Wilo TR-90 submersible mixers to provide adequate mixing throughout the 5 bioreactor basins.


The Client

Pennsylvania American Water, Scranton WWTP, PA

The Problem

 Inadequate mixing occurring in some anoxic zones of the biological process, as well as upgrades to the system process creating a need for additional mixing.

Technology Solution

This 25 MGD wastewater treatment plant needed additional mixing throughout it’s five improved bioreactor process basins.  Each basin had 10 zones of varying volumes that required Wilo TR-90 submersible mixers to be strategically placed to allow for adequate mixing to occur across the biological process.  Pioneer Construction installed the mixers and Gannett Fleming provided engineering design and permitting for the project.