Introducing Nitro, Fluence’s Newest Wastewater Treatment Product

We’re excited to announce Nitro, Fluence’s newest wastewater treatment product.

Powered by MABR technology, Nitro provides energy-efficient shortcut nitrogen removal for high-strength wastewater. Using 40% less energy than conventional nitrogen removal processes, Nitro can remove more than 90% TIN, eliminating up to 20% of a plant’s total nitrogen load.

Nitro can be integrated into a larger plant or purchased independently as a containerized system.

Nitro is great for anaerobic digestion centrate streams and high nitrogen containing streams like… 

Interested in learning more?  

For more details about Nitro and shortcut nitrogen removal, visit the webpage. Reach out to us at [email protected] to talk with one of our experts.  

New Parkson Aqua Gaurd Video

KET is pleased to announce Parkson Corporation’s release of a new video featuring the Aqua Guard®

Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new video featuring the Aqua Guard® In-Channel Screen for water and wastewater treatment. The Aqua Guard revolutionized the wastewater screening industry over 45 years ago with a unique 3-dimensional filtration system. Since then, the line of screens has aided thousands of treatment plants worldwide by improving capture rates, reducing headloss, and protecting downstream equipment.

The video touches on the heart of the screening system, which includes a filter belt comprised of individual elements to help move solids up and out of the stream. The Aqua Guard® UltraClean™, built off the original Aqua Guard design, provides a 50% increase in retained solids and features design improvements in the head, belt path, and brush to help reduce maintenance. Multiple Aqua Guard models are available to accommodate various needs and applications, including the Aqua Guard® PF, which utilizes perforated plates to provide an absolute barrier based on size of openings.

Watch the video to hear from our satisfied customers and learn how the Aqua Guard has helped improve their plant’s performance and reduce maintenance.

To learn more, visit the product page. Visit Parkson’s YouTube channel for additional videos and be sure to subscribe, share and comment. For information, please contact Lydia Ebert at [email protected].

Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly in 2022

Preparation Doesn’t Take a Month Off With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to think about next year.  Specifically, as it relates to planning for 2022 maintenance and using the 2021 budget to do it, investing this year’s surplus budget on predictive maintenance for next year is an efficient and proactive way to help things run smoothly in the year ahead.  We are ready to help you be as proactive as possible within your existing budget to be prepared for 2022.                      

Ways to Prepare:

·  Process Evaluation — Our Process Technology Team will take a sample of your product to test in our facility then determine how to streamline your process to save energy, money and help you run more efficiently.
·  Product Analysis — Our application engineers will evaluate your current mixing equipment to determine how best to promote sustainability and efficiency, as well as control future maintenance costs.
·  Spares and Repairs — Having onsite reserves saves more than just money—it also helps ensure your clients are happy by avoiding delays. We are fully stocked with whatever you need and are ready to deliver.
Be Prepared, Visit Today.