Discipline: Parkson Aqua Guard Headworks Screening

Valicor Environmental Services, Williamsport, MD

Replacement of a centerflow band screen with a Parkson Aquaguard Ultraclean MN


The Client

Valicor Environmental Services

The Problem

Centerflow band screen required significant maintenance time to keep operational resulting in frequent bypassing

Technology Solution

Valicor Environmental Services is an industrial pretreatment plant operator for Washington County, Maryland.  As such they treat a variety of wastestreams including septage and slaughter house waste containing, among other things, significant hair mats.  The centerflow band screen required daily or more frequent  maintenance while the weight of items like animal hair created severe operational issues.  KET provided a Parkson Aquaguard Ultraclean assisting Valicor with engineering to fit it into a complicated layout next to the existing band screen.

Upon startup the Aquaguard proved a superior screen delighting the Valicor staff with its ability to handle the heavy loads and no maintenance.  After several months, operators said they love the Aquaguard because it just works and they never have to think about it.  In fact Valicor staff like the Aquaguard so much that a second unit  is being planned giving them two headworks screens.

The Ultraclean version of the Aquaguard is the latest inivation Parkson has added to the Aquaguard series of headworks screens.  It improves the removal of material on the screen reducing carryover to the downstream channel through an elongated head allowing the elements to fully retract, an improved brush, and additional spray heads.