Discipline: Acrison Lime Silo

Maryland Environmental Service, Maryland Correction Institute, Hagerstown, MD

Installation of a 38’ tall, 10’ diameter hydrated lime silo and feeder system.


The Client

Maryland Environmental Service

The Problem

The MCI wastewater plant is a 1.6 MGD plant serving the Hagerstown Maryland Correctional Institute, associated Correctional Institute training centers and ancillary facilities.  Lime addition is needed to buffer pH and had been added to the plant manually by periodically dumping 50 lb bags into an EQ basin

Technology Solution

The manual addition of lime was burdensome to operators and did not allow for consistent control of pH.  As part of a larger upgrade, Acrison provided a 38’ tall, 10’ diameter skirted lime silo with truck fill station, tri auger volumetric feeder, dissolution tank, and control system to provide consistent pH control.  The volumetric feeder provides up to 48 ft3/hr with 1-2% volumetric accuracy to a 200 gallon dissolving tank with mixer.  A Compactlogix controller and 10” color touchscreen allow the user to set the system parameters necessary to produce a batch of 10% lime solution.  Operator input determines how frequently the system feeds lime to the EQ tank allowing the Acrison system to more accurately and consistently control the pH of the feed to the plant’s biological processes