Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the EquaReact® Biologically Enhanced Equalization Reactor (B.E.E.R.) System

EquaReact® is our unique equalized nutrient removal system that combines hydraulic flow equalization and multi-stage (anaerobic, anoxic, or aerobic) activated sludge treatment as a system offering to provide biological or enhanced nutrient removal in industrial and municipal markets. Our equalized nutrient removal system reduces land requirements, energy consumption, and capital costs while increasing the overall treatment system performance and efficiency.

Process Applications for EquaReact® 
  • Activated Sludge
  • Two Stage MLE
  • 4 Stage Bardenpho
  • 5 Stage Bardenpho
  • Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)
  • Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)
Why EquaReact® for Municipal Wastewater?

The EquaReact® System allows municipal owners to uniformly equalize and treat wastewater flows over a 24-hour period. The system provides treatment and the required flow equalization volume to achieve 24-hour diurnal flow equalization and optionally provide storm water inflow equalization at municipal wastewater treatment plants without aeration and the resulting wastewater carbon source consumption. This system also provides municipalities the ability to handle spike influent loads from their industrial dischargers.

Why EquaReact® for Industrial Wastewater?

The equalized biological nutrient removal  system allows industrial owners to uniformly equalize and treat wastewater flows over a 24-hour period, seven days a week. This system provides treatment and the required flow equalization volume to achieve 7 day/24-hour flow equalization, as industrial wastewater treatment plants have  diurnal inflow patterns and pollutant loading rates. This includes higher flows and pollutant loading during daytime processing shifts, lower flows and loads during nighttime clean-up shifts, and very low or no flow and loading during weekends and holiday shut-down days.

Applications – New Systems, Expansions, Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Municipal wastewater flow
  • Industrial wastewater flow
  • Combined Municipal & Industrial wastewater flow
Typical Problems with Equalization:
  • Reduction of BOD and impact on Biological Nutrient Removal
  • Increased construction costs
  • Long term O & M costs
  • Potential odor problems
  • Issues with scum and solids deposition
THE SOLUTION –The EquaReact® System provides real VALUE!
  • Allows for influent flows to be equalized while maintaining Influent BOD as a carbon source
  • Utilizes equalization volume as reactor volume to save on capital cost (no need for separate tanks or additional pumping)
  • Eliminates odors associated with raw influent equalization
  • Can be designed to provide both anaerobic/anoxic conditions for biological Phosphorus and Nitrogen removal
  • Minimizes surge flows and maintains steady flow to clarifiers; improving performance
  • Minimizes shock loadings allowing for steady chemical dosages
  • Eliminates spike loads from industrial dischargers
In short your facility will realize:
  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Reduced land requirements
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased total treatment system performance and energy efficiency